About the Brainjo Academy

What is Brainjo?

Founded by Dr. Josh Turknett, Brainjo is dedicated to developing human potential through applied neuroscience – to use what we’ve learned about the brain to release the extraordinary intelligence in every brain, young and old.


What is The Brainjo Method?

The Brainjo Method is a system of instruction that integrates the science of neuroplasticity to optimize the learning process, and has been used to to teach thousands with no prior experience how to play music.

All courses in the Brainjo Academy use this method.

Interested in learning more about the science behind the Brainjo Method? 

If so, then check out the bestselling book, “The Laws of Brainjo: The Art & Science of Molding A Musical Mind.“?

“The Laws of Brainjo is the best explanation of the theory of skill building and the best presentation of a well-organized, practical method that can help the reader develop into a better musician than anything else I have ever encountered….No matter where you are in your musical journey, this book will help you get to the next level.”

— Dan Miller, Bluegrass Unlimited Magazine

What is The Brainjo Academy?

The aim of the Brainjo Academy is to provide neuroscience-based resources for developing and realizing the extraordinary potential inside every brain.

We have two primary means by which we can achieve that objective. They are:

    1. By learning new things (upgrading the brain’s software).
    2. By improving the physical health of the brain (upgrading the brain’s hardware).

Because the needs of the brain changes during and after its maturation process, the resources provided are specifically tailored for developing (“fresh”) and mature (“seasoned”) brains.


About Dr. Turknett

Dr. Turknett is a neurologist, bestselling author, and sought after expert and speaker on brain health, learning, cognitive development and neuroplasticity.

He is the founder of Brainjo, and creator of the Brainjo Method of instruction. 

He currently serves as the Chief Medical Officer and Learning Engineer for humanOS, head of Cognitive Enhancement for Nourish Balance Thrive, and President of Physicians for Ancestral Health.

To learn more about Dr. Turknett, visit jturk.net.

Core Brainjo Principles

  1. Success in learning anything is determined by the learning process, not by innate ability or aptitude.
  2. Genius is not a property of extraordinary brains, but of “ordinary” brains placed under the right conditions.
  3. Because of its powerful and wide reaching impact on the developing brain, music, the arts, and creative play should be the foundation of a child’s education.
  4. Teaching children how to learn should be a primary objective of their education.
  5. Developing uniquely human capacities – creativity, connection, and communication – is the best way to prepare children for success in the emerging future, as these will be (and already are!) the most highly valued skills.
  6. Developing and optimizing human intelligence requires carefully attending to the physical health of the brain.
  7. Human cognitive and intellectual function is currently compromised, and shackled, in multiple ways, and removing those shackles is the most effective means of enhancing cognitive function and performance.
  8. Learning new things is one of the best ways to improve the health of the brain.
  9. For the adult brain, music and the arts (visual, dance, writing) are the best “brain-training” activities for improving cognitive function and protecting against cognitive decline and dementia (e.g. Alzheimer’s).

Learn More

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musicality now josh turknett interview

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