The Ukulele Blast

Ukulele Blast


Learn to play.

Nourish your brain.


There’s no faster route to making great music than the ukulele.

Its light weight, small profile, and number of strings makes it the ideal stringed instrument to begin with for people of any age.

BRAINJO BLAST COURSES:  The greatest “bang” for your practicing buck! 

When it comes to both learning music and stimulating neuroplasticity in the brain, 20% of our efforts produce 80% of our results. 

The Brainjo Blast courses provide a program of instruction that maximizes your practice efforts as well as the benefits to the health and fitness of your brain.



Your success in learning music has nothing to do with talent, and everything to do with HOW you practice. As with all Brainjo Method instruction, you’re not only provided with WHAT to learn, you’re shown exactly HOW to go about learning it (trust us, this is crucial!).


Less frustration. More fun

While bleeding fingertips and hand cramps are a rite of passage for budding guitarists, such suffering is not part of the ukulelist’s plight. 

Less time nursing sore fingers means more time for making great music, less time for pain and frustration! 

The perfect stepping stone.  

Many of the techniques that work well on the ukulele also translate very well to other instruments, like the guitar and banjo.  

But they’re much easier – and less painful! – to learn first on the ukulele.

Ultimate portability

Thanks to its light weight and small profile, the ukulele makes a great travel companion (it EASILY fits into the overhead bin!). 

Never travel without music again!

Super economical!

You can acquire a very nice ukulele at a fraction of the price of most other stringed instruments. It’s arguably the cheapest brain-augmentation device on the market!

Don’t let its small stature fool you – you can make fantastic music on the ukulele, and have loads of fun doing so.


The Foundations.

Not only will you learn the foundational technical skills needed to play the uke, but you’ll also acquire perceptual (ear training) and conceptual (how music works) skills that can be applied to any other instrument. 

Strumming & Singing. 

Want to belt out your favorite songs while strumming along on your uke? It doesn’t get much better than that. 

The course will also include a downloadable “Strumming & Singing” songbook.

Fingerstyle Uke.

The ukulele is perfect for learning fingerstyle technique. It sounds great on the ukulele, but is also great preparation for learning fingerstyle guitar or banjo. 

The course will also include a downloadable songbook of over 40 tabs for Fingerstyle uke.

Clawhammer Uke.

The percussive and captivating clawhammer technique sounds fantastic on the ukulele. Plus it’s great preparation for learning clawhammer banjo.  

The course will also include a downloadable songbook of over 40 tabs for Clawhammer uke.

All in all, the Ukulele Blast will not only equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to make great music on the uke, it will also provide an ideal foundation for many other instruments and styles of music-making as you move forwards in your musical and brain-growing journey! 



You can subscribe to the Ukulele Blast with either a single course or Brainjo Premium subscription.

About the Brainjo Premium Subscription. 

More Music. Bigger Brain.

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that stimulating neuroplasticity through the acquisition of new and complex knowledge and skills leads to brain growth, protects against cognitive decline and dementia, and restores brain tissue to a more youthful state.

And there’s nothing better for stimulating neuroplasticity across the whole brain – or giving you a “whole brain workout” – than learning a musical instrument.

In other words, learning a new musical instrument is the ideal “brain game.”

Furthermore, the greatest benefits to your brain occur when you’re in the earlier stages of learning, as the most brain change occurs early in the learning process.

So, in addition to those learning multiple instruments for the sheer joy of it, the Brainjo Premium Subscription is also for those looking to adopt a program of continuous musical learning as a means of optimizing the health and fitness of their brain.

The Music You’ll Learn

Below is a sampling of the styles of playing you’ll be learning inside the Ukulele Blast:

Strumming & Singing

Clawhammer Uke

YouTube player

Fingerstyle Uke

YouTube player

Chord Melody