The Better Brain Fitness Program

better brain fitness

The Short Story

A growing body of scientific evidence indicates that not only can we prevent cognitive decline and dementia (including Alzheimer’s disease), but we can restore the brain to a more youthful state.

And music can play a BIG part in that.

In the Better Brain Fitness program, you’ll learn how to fully utilize the resources at The Brainjo Academy to grow, protect, and restore the health and fitness of your brain. 

The Better Brain Fitness program is now included with a subscription to Brainjo Premium.

Learn Music, Save Your Brain

Research has clearly shown that cognitive activity is great for the brain.

It is more powerful than any drug at not only preventing brain deterioration with age, but restoring brain tissue to a more youthful condition (Yu J-T, et al. J Neurol Neurosurg Psychiatry, 2020).

At Brainjo, we believe that the lack of cognitively stimulating activities is the primary reason why brains deteriorate with age, and is the primary driver of Alzheimer’s dementia (Turknett and Wood, Cells 2022).

Thus, the single best way to both boost brain health and cognitive performance and prevent cognitive decline and dementia is to engage in regular, whole brain workouts that stimulate plastic change across the cerebral cortex.

Learning to play a musical instrument provides exactly the kind of whole brain workout we need, and the Brainjo Method courses here at the Brainjo Academy are designed to not just provide the most effective learning path, but to consistently stimulate plastic reorganization across the brain to maximize the brain benefits of practice.


Supporting Neuroplasticity

Regular stimulation of brain change, or neuroplasticity, is the necessary first step in maintaining a youthful brain throughout our lives.

In order to reap both the learning and health benefits from that stimulation, however, the brain must have the resources it needs to respond fully to that stimulation.

Stimulating the brain to change without supporting it is like hiring a team of construction workers without providing them with any materials to build with.

In the Better Brain Fitness program, you will not only learn how to best utilize the resources at the Brainjo Academy to stimulate neuroplasticity, but also how to provide your brain what it needs to fully respond to that stimulation. 

Things you’ll learn as part of the program include:

  • The science of why the brain deteriorates with age, and how to reverse it.
  • The characteristics of Whole Brain Workouts.
  • Key nutrients for supporting brain repair and neuroplasticity.
  • How to reap the greatest brain benefits from your musical practice.
  • The lifestyle factors that promote brain health and optimal cognitive performance, at any age.
  • How to maximize focus, attention, problem solving, creativity, and mental well being. 
  • How to design your own customized, individualized program of brain fitness and protection, and how to use the resources at the Brainjo Academy to do so.

In the Better Brain Fitness program, you’ll receive a series of regular emails, each with a new lesson and action item. 

The goal is not only to learn, but to establish and maintain an essential set of habits that grow, restore, and protect your brain over the course of your life. 

Ultimately, a healthy brain is the most direct route to mental well being.

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