The Music of Brainjo

The Music of Brainjo

Check out the playlists below to hear the kind of music you’ll be playing. 


The Brainjo Method courses for banjo teach both clawhammer and fingerstyle (2 and 3 finger technique) banjo. Below is a sampling of those techniques. 


Below are demos of multiple clawhammer banjo tunes and songs, played by Brainjo founder Josh Turknett.


You’ll learn both 2 and 3 finger banjo (3 finger bluegrass, 3 finger old-time) styles are taught in the Fingerstyle course (it’s actually easier that way!).

2 Finger Banjo

3 Finger Banjo


Below are demonstrations of some of the tunes taught as part of the old-time fiddle course, played by primary instructor Adam Hurt, with accompaniment on the ukulele (this style of ukulele accompaniment is taught as part of the Ukulele Blast course, and is wonderful to use when jamming with others!)


In the Ukulele Blast, you’ll learn multiple techniques for playing great music on the uke.

Strumming & Singing

Clawhammer Uke

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Fingerstyle Uke

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Chord Melody