Brainjo Premium Subscription

GOOD NEWS! At long last, you can now have access to all Brainjo courses (including the clawhammer AND fingerstyle banjo courses) under a single subscription, and for the price of a single course membership (see below).

Upgrade to the Brainjo Premium Membership and get access to all current and future resources at the Brainjo Academy (plus lock in at current introductory pricing). Note that the Quarterly payment plan gives full access at the same cost as a single course subscription. 

There are 2 plan options for Brainjo Premium:

  • MONTHLY PLAN: The monthly plan is $29 per month. 
  • QUARTERLY PLAN: The quarterly plan is $63 per quarter ($21 per month, or 25% off the monthly plan). 
Upgrading to Brainjo Premium will cancel your current monthly subscription and apply any remaining balance to the first quarterly payment. 


Monthly plan option


As a Brainjo Premium Member, you’ll have access to all current and future Brainjo Academy resources, which includes:

  • The Breakthrough Banjo Clawhammer Course
  • The Breakthrough Banjo Fingerstyle Course
  • The Fiddle For All Course
  • The Ukulele Blast Course 
  • The Piano Blast Course (launching July 18, 2022 )
  • The Better Brain Fitness course (coming soon)
  • all future Brainjo Academy content and resources

And you’ll continue to have access at the current introductory pricing as long as you remain a member. 

Just choose which plan you’d like to upgrade to in order to become a Premium Member: