The Bright Banjo Fretboard Mastery System

UNLOCK the banjo fretboard with the BRIGHT System!

The Bright Banjo Fretboard Mastery System


How comfortable are you moving beyond 5th fret of the banjo? 

Are you just as comfortable moving up the neck to the 10th fret and beyond, or are the first 5 frets your safe space, and beyond that you start feeling like a stranger in a strange land? 

In other words, when you look at the banjo fretboard, is this how you feel?


Can you play easily in ANY KEY? 

Or are you comfortable playing songs in G, maybe in C, but if someone wants to play in Bb or F you’re not really sure what to do?

And to play in other tunings, do you always have to use a capo?


Have you wanted to learn more chords, but thought that meant you needed to memorize those chord chart monstronsities???

The end of chord charts!


Are you comfortable playing with other musicians in different genres?

Or do you feel lost if they don’t stick to the traditional stuff using the I, IV, and V chords?

Have you ever tried to sit down with some friends and jam, but felt totally lost about what to play? 


Do you watch pros playing solos up and down the neck and wonder if it’s some form of WITCHCRAFT??? 

Or perhaps that maybe they have some SECRET KNOWLEDGE about the fretboard that you don’t?


If any or all of the above is true, then congratulations, you’re in good company! 

Because that describes the majority of banjo players out there. 

And it’s not your fault, either.

It is true that music is organized in a very logical way, and the banjo fretboard reflects that logic. 


Banjo players haven’t had a SYSTEM that both breaks down that logic in a useful and easily understandable way, and that gets that knowledge off the page and into their fingers. 

Guitarists have long had the CAGED system for mastering the fretboard, but banjo players haven’t had anything similar (I know because I searched for such a system for YEARS!)

And the absence of such a system is why it’s normal for a banjo player to be:

    • limited to playing in one or two keys,
    • with a limited number of chords,
    • mainly in the first 5 frets
    • and only in traditional genres of music (e.g. bluegrass, old-time).  

And we can’t just borrow the CAGED System from guitar friends because a banjo isn’t played or tuned like a guitar!

Well, banjo players…rejoice, because now there’s the BRIGHT Banjo Fretboard Mastery System.


Finally, A System For Mastering The Banjo Fretboard

The great thing is that learning the banjo fretboard is not nearly as hard as you probably think.

That’s because all you really need to learn is ONE SYSTEM and the simple method for using that system in any key you want to play in.

But knowledge isn’t enough…

You also need to turn that knowledge into action.

You need a step-by-step method for getting that knowledge off the page and into your brain and fingers (which is the central to the Brainjo Method of instruction).

And that’s exactly what you’ll now find inside the BRIGHT System series of lessons for the Breakthrough Banjo courses (clawhammer and fingerstyle).

Bright Fretboard Mastery System sample
From The BRIGHT Fretboard Mastery Series

Inside the course, you’ll learn the BRIGHT system for mastering the fretboard in a series of 12 simple steps. 

Each of the 12 steps consists of:

  • A short video lesson that reviews that particular step.
  • Practice exercises designed to get that piece of the system out of your head and into your fingers. 

In addition to the practice exercises for each step, there is also the Bright System Jam, where you’ll find playlists of popular songs, organized by key, that are great for playing with your banjo. 

This is the system I’ve been searching for for years.

It’s the system that finally unlocked the entire banjo fretboard for me.

And I’m thrilled to be able to share it with you.

I could go on and on about all the reasons why you should learn it, but none of that will beat trying it for yourself.

I know that if you’ve been playing the banjo for any length of time, it’ll be immediately apparent why this system is go useful. 

And I want you to have all of those wonderful light bulb moments I experienced myself when learning it.

After learning the BRIGHT System, the entire fretboard will open up to you, and no one area of the banjo neck will feel any easier or harder to navigate than any other.


Also, even though every key uses a particular scale, which notes of that scale sound good changes during the course of the song.

The BRIGHT system provides the roadmap for knowing exactly what notes will sound good at any point in a song, which of course is essential for improvisation.

Learning the BRIGHT Banjo Fretboard Mastery System will allow you to: 

    • Play in any key without needing to re-tune or use a capo.
    • Know exactly what notes will sound best at any point in a song.
    • Find the chords you need without having to consult or memorize chords chart.
    • Jam with other musicians in any genre, or jam along with recordings of your favorite songs.
    • Improvise with both traditional and non-traditional banjo material.
    • Write original songs.
    • Use your WHOLE instrument.
    • Have more fun with your banjo!

The BRIGHT System series of lessons is included in the Breakthrough Banjo courses for fingerstyle and clawhammer, as well as with a Brainjo Premium subscription. 

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