Banjo Basics

In this “Banjo Basics” section, you’ll learn all the important¬†stuff that’s good to know before you get started plucking your first string in an upward fashion. While the order in which you consume each lesson isn’t critical, it is recommended that you complete this section before moving onto the Primary Learning Modules.

Module 1 Banjo Basics
The “Banjo Basics” Module reviews what you need to know before getting started plucking your first banjo string.
Mission 1 The Breakthrough Banjo Course Orientation
Mission 2 Holding the Banjo
Mission 3 All About Fingerpicks
Mission 4 Banjo Type: Resonator or Openback?
Mission 5 Banjo Strings
Mission 6 How To Change A Banjo String
Mission 7 Proper Picking Hand Position
Mission 8 Fearless Fretting
Mission 9 Tuning the Banjo
Mission 10 How To Use The Practice Exercises
Mission 11 Anatomy of Fingerstyle Banjo
Mission 12 The Brainjo Tune Learnin’ System
Mission 13 Beats for Banjo – the metronome killer
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