The Ear Training Laboratory

Welcome to the Ear Training Laboratory!

Welcome to the Ear Lab! This is the place where you develop your ability to play by ear.

Developing a good ear is enormously important for a musician. And, despite what many may believe, being able to play by ear is a skill that anyone can learn (the only possible exception being those with TRUE tone deafness, and you can take the quiz below to test that for yourself). 

Just like any skill, the key is to start with the basics, and build from there. Unfortunately, it’s rarely covered in most instruction, which tends to focus primarily on the technical aspects of playing. 

But not here at Brainjo’s Ear Laboratory!

Here, you’ll find Build An Arrangement from Scratch series of Workshops, along with ear development exercises of progressive difficulty. 

If you harbor any doubts whatsoever about whether you have what it takes to play by ear, then first take the short “Ear Quiz” and find out if you do.

The Ear Training Pathway

The Ear Training Pathway consists of exercises at progressive levels of difficulty designed to assess and develop the foundational components of being able to play by ear.

Ear Training 101 Level Exercises

The Playing & Singing Workshops

The Playing & Singing Workshops are also a great way to build your ear learning abilities. In these workshops, we’ll deconstruct a song, picking out the chord progression, then work through various ways to arrange vocal backup.