The Breakthrough Banjo Roadmap

The Breakthrough Banjo Roadmap

Welcome to the Breakthrough Banjo Roadmap! 

This is your central headquarters for navigating your journey through the Breakthrough Banjo course, and for helping you create the most efficient and effective path for progressing as a player and reaching your musical goals!

The key to making consistent progress, or avoiding get stuck, is in having a solid understanding of where you’re at now, what the next best step (or steps) is, and the tools and resources needed to take that step. 

Below you’ll find a menu that includes an introduction to the Roadmap, along with the various stages along the banjo learning journey. 

In each section, you’ll find information about the knowledge and skills you’ll need to progress to the next stage, along with the course resources that will help you get there. 

Each section concludes with a quiz about your current knowledge and abilities – this will help determine whether you’re ready to move to the next stage!

Lastly, do not rush through this process. 

There is no “normal” amount of time for progressing through these stages. 

Go at whatever pace is best for you, and that provides you the most fun and satisfaction (and remember that you don’t have to be a technical wizard to make GREAT music!). 

Start Your Adventure...

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Module 1 The Breakthrough Banjo Roadmap
Mission 1 Breakthrough Banjo Orientation
Mission 2 Introducing the 5 Stages of Mastery
Mission 3 Your Journey To Stage 1
Mission 4 Your Journey To Stage 2
Mission 5 Your Journey To Stage 3
Mission 6 Your Journey To Stage 4
Mission 7 Your Journey To Stage 5
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