The Brainjo library

The Brainjo Library: Books for changing your mind

In order to be included in the Brainjo Library, a book must meet the following criteria:

1) It must be enjoyable and entertaining

In other words, it must be a great book.

2) It must be accessible to a broad audience

No jargon-filled pedantry allowed. 

3) It must stimulate brain change. 

Now, all books stimulate brain change to some degree, as the encoding of new long term memories (including the memory of reading it) requires some structural alterations in the brain. 

But what we’re referring to here are books that lead to the construction of new conceptual frameworks in the brain (or that have the potential to), which requires more significant and widespread cortical remodeling. That remodeling also typically results in a new and enduring cognitive capability that allows us to see the world from a fresh perspective, adding to our mental “toolkit.”


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