The Brainjo Live Experience: Entertainment & Education!


Brainjo Live: Entertainment + Education

Are you ready for a live, in-person, Brainjo experience?

While the virtual world is full of wonderful resources these days, nothing is quite like coming together in person. 

I love connecting with people in the Brainjo community, and would love to set up an event with you. 

Below are a range of experiences offered from Brainjo, from concerts to workshops, all of which can be easily combined and customized to meet your particular needs.   

With a Brainjo Live Experience, you’ll get a healthy dose of both entertainment and education. What could be better?!

The yearly schedule fills up quick, so if you’re interested, let’s go ahead and reserve your spot on the calendar!


Want to host a private concert for you and your friends in the comfort of your own home? Dr. Turknett and a surprise guest musician or two will entertain you with the sublime sounds of the banjo (and more!). House concerts have exploded in popularity in recent years, because there’s simply no better way to experience live music.


If you and your friends would like to jam after the show with Dr. Turknett and his musical guests, then this can also be arranged (in fact, this is our preference)!


  • Musical Workshops. Are you a budding musician or want to get started? We offer a range of Brainjo Method based workshop offerings for banjo and fiddle that can be tailored to any ability level (beginner to advanced). These are often combined with a house concert, with the workshop taking place the afternoon prior to or morning after the concert. 
  • Brain Health and Performance Workshops. Want to learn more about how to enhance your cognitive function and protect the health of your brain over the long term? Of course you do! And it happens to be a topic that Dr. Turknett has spoken about to audiences across the world. Includes workshop and Q&A session. 


  • While I’m there, you can also schedule one-on-one music lessons to help assess where you now and the steps to take to move to the next level.
  • If you’re the host of a Brainjo Live event, you’re entitled to a FREE private lesson at no additional charge!



7-8:30pm: House Concert
9-11pm (ish): Musical Jam Session


10am-11am: Group Workshop 1
11am -12pm: Group Workshop 2
1pm-1:50pm: Private Lesson (or lessons)

If you’re interested in one or more of the above options, just click the contact button below to get in touch!

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