Fingerstyle Banjo Song and Tab of the Week: “Short Life of Trouble”

Fingerstyle Banjo Song and Tab of the Week: “SHORT LIFE OF TROUBLE”

You may have never heard of Gilliam Banmon (“G.B.”) Grayson (1887-1930).

But you’ve definitely heard his music.

Tom Dooley, Train 45, Little Maggie, Handsome Molly, Omie Wise, Handsome Molly…

All were recorded by Grayson, a blind multi-instrumentalist (with most of his recorded works on fiddle) from the hills of East Tennessee, along with guitarist and bandmate Henry Whitter.

As was this week’s song, “Short Life of Trouble.”

That song, as well as so many others in the Grayson and Whitter repertoire, has been recorded by scores of artists since.

As one person said of him: “almost everything he recorded has become a standard.”

The version I play was inspired most by Ralph’s Stanley take on it. I love the juxtaposition of non-stop, hard-driving, staccato banjo, and waltz time signature.

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gDGBD tuning, 2 finger thumb lead

Thumb Lead Banjo Tab for Short Life of Trouble

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