Introducing the Banjo Tab “Walk-Through” Series

A New Series (Fingerstyle Banjo Tab “Walk-Throughs”)

I’ve recently started a new series of video tutorials in the Brainjo Virtual Classroom where I “walk-through” one of the tabs in The Vault (the growing library of tabs in the Breakthrough Banjo course), measure-by-measure, as you see in the video above for the tune “Amazing Grace”.

These videos air live on YouTube, and then the entire archive of recordings are available to members of the Breakthrough Banjo course.

The purpose of this series is to help you work through the tab arrangements, and in particular to understand how the various techniques of fingerstyle banjo sound, and how they fit together to produce a final arrangement.

This will also include demonstrations of the vocal backup for the song tabs, so that you can understand how the backup part and singing fit together.

If you want to make sure you catch these when they air, and be notified in advance, make sure you’re subscribed to the Fingerstyle Banjo youtube channel by clicking here.

In these initial series, I’ll be covering the songs from the “Easy But Awesome” book of banjo tabs, which, like the Breakthrough Banjo course, include arrangements for 3 and 2 finger course. Below is the walk-through video for the 2 finger version (click here if you want the free “Easy But Awesome” book of tabs):

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